Grant Opportunity: Mid-Atlantic Panel for Aquatic Invasive Species Request for Proposals

In 2017, the MAPAIS is offering a small grants competition and encourages interested groups and individuals to submit proposals for possible funding. Broad participation from groups and individuals concerned about aquatic invasive species (AIS) issues in the mid-Atlantic region is encouraged!  A proposal submission must address an AIS problem as part of a one-year project.

Program priorities: The following elements are of high priority to the MAPAIS and should be considered in the preparation of proposals:

  • Activities that will increase public understanding of and compliance with the prevention and control of AIS
  • Clear description of proposed actions, products, and other deliverables
  • Relevance to the mission and priorities of MAPAIS
  • Regional significance
  • Leveraging of other funding sources


For more information and the full proposal solicitation, please visit 


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Mid-Atlantic Field Guide to Aquatic Invasive Speices

The Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania Sea Grant, and the Mid-Atlantic Panel on Aquatic Invasive Species (MAPAIS) recently released a new field guide to aquatic invasive species of the Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania region.  This guide contains nearly 100 species, including 20-30 that are new species of concern to the Mid-Atlantic.  Funding was provided by MAPAIS’s Grants Competition.  Be on the look out for MAPAIS’s call for 2017 project proposals soon!

Electronic copies of the Mid-Atlantic Guide to Aquatic Invasive Species (low and high resolution .pdfs) are available on both the MAPAIS and Pennsylvania Sea Grant websites.

Mid-Atlantic Panel on Aquatic Invasive Species 

Pennsylvania Sea Grant

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