Maryland Invasive Plant Advisory Committee Announces New Regulation

Maryland Invasive Plant Advisory Committee Announces New Regulation

Way to go, Maryland!

A press release from the Maryland Department of Agriculture:





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Maryland Invasive Plant Advisory Committee Announces New Regulation

ANNAPOLIS, MD (February 10, 2016) – The Maryland Department of Agriculture has announced proposed regulations regarding the classification of certain invasive plant species on a tiered system, as well as new definitions, conditions under which the Secretary’s approval may be given for otherwise prohibited activities under the Invasive Plant Prevention and Control law, and mechanisms for listing and delisting species. The department’s overall goal is to prevent invasive species from entering or spreading further in the state. See the department’s Proposed and Emergency Regulation webpage.

These proposed regulations are open for public comment through March 7. Comments may be sent to Carol Holko, Assistant Secretary for Plant Industries, Maryland Department of Agriculture at (410) 841-5870, or

“This regulation would require signage near Tier 2 invasive plants in retail displays instead of prohibiting their sale,” said Assistant Secretary Holko. “It would be one of the first regulations of its kind, and a valuable step in preventing invasive plant species from causing environmental harm in the state.”

Initial regulations were promulgated in January 2013 establishing a scientific weed risk assessment protocol for classifying invasive plants as “Tier 1” or “Tier 2.” The plants listed in the current regulations under review are based on these assessments. The full assessment reports are available on the program’s webpage at

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