Cherry Hill Manor English Ivy and Vinca Abatement

Cherry Hill Manor English Ivy and Vinca Abatement

Cherry Hill Manor Maintenance Association

The Cherry Hill Manor townhouse community has open space is owned collectively by the 89 homes in the neighborhood and maintained via the Cherry Hill Manor Maintenance Association. This is a volunteer organization charged with collecting an annual assessment from homeowners and overseeing the upkeep of the commonly owned spaces.

In 2020 the Association looked to expand their cleanup efforts to make areas more attractive for activities such as bike riding and walking pets, and to reduce illegal dumping. Invasive plants were removed, and regular maintenance was implemented to keep these areas clean. Along with volunteer efforts from neighborhood residents, the Association has worked with their lawn service provider to target areas beyond the capacity of neighborhood volunteers and to keep growth from returning to areas cleared by volunteers.

This project targets a corner of open space at the front of the neighborhood, bordering two other properties.  It is overgrown with Vinca minor and Hedera helix. While neighborhood volunteers have previously cut down other growth in this area, removed layers of fallen limbs and trash that had accumulated over the years, and begun cutting Hedera helix from the base of several trees to kill off the growth in the higher branches, complete removal has been difficult. The Association plans to utilize their current lawn service provider to assist with a more extensive mechanical removal of invasive species from this open space area.

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